Uniresta Oy and Oulun ylioppilasapu ry supported Oulu University students with stipends


A group of Oulu University students received a nice surprise in their bank accounts on 2 April 2015 when Oulun ylioppilasapu ry awarded 10 stipends each worth €500 to students. The recipients of the stipends were selected as the most successful in their studies or based on social factors from dozens of applicants. They were told the good news by e-mail.

The event was celebrated at a coffee gathering to which all the stipend recipients have been invited. The students who received support for their studies were remembered not only financially but also with coffee, cake and roses. Awarding the stipends were Vili Koistinen, Chairman of the Board of Oulun ylioppilasapu ry and Kaisa-Liisa Silvennoinen, CEO of Uniresta.

The stipends awarded by Oulun ylioppilasapu ry have long traditions. Oulun ylioppilasapu was founded in 1962 and, from the very start, the financial support of students has been an important function of the association. Oulun ylioppilasapu ry receives the funds for stipends in the form of dividends from Uniresta Oy, which it owns together with Oulu University Student Union.

”It’s wonderful to be involved in supporting and assisting the studies of Oulu University students. For many students, studying is a financially difficult time. It’s great if, through the stipends, we can ensure even better chances of success in studies,” says Vili Koistinen, Chairman of the Board of Oulun ylioppilasapu ry. Koistinen promises that this fine tradition will continue in the coming years.

Additional information:

Chairman of the Board of Oulun ylioppilasapu ry, Vili Koistinen, +358 (0)40 7645 844, vili.koistinen@gmail.com

CEO of Uniresta Oy, Kaija-Liisa Silvennoinen, +358 (0)44 714 0309,


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