Thanks to customer satisfaction questionnaire Special Lunch and warm vegetables are added to lunch selection


The results of Uniresta Ltd’s 2014 customer satisfaction questionnaire have now arrived. A total of 1,629 questionnaires were answered in student and staff restaurants during the weeks 41 and 42. Compared to results from autumn 2013, customer satisfaction stayed at the same good level. On a scale of 1-5, the average of the averages was now 3.9, compared to 3.97 in autumn 2013.

Customer service received the highest marks, scoring 4.28. Good scores were received also in restaurants’ atmosphere (4.07) and bread selection (4.05). Among Uniresta establishments, Restaurant Preludi in the Oulu Music Centre scored the best results in customer satisfaction (4.07). The restaurant Datania in Campus Area of Linnanmaa received also especially good results (4,07).

All the restaurants and areas are developed constantly, but as a result of the questionnaire Uniresta will add Special Lunch and warm vegetables to lunch selection. Special Lunch is a bit better lunch option served in lunch buffet every day for a special prize. Warm vegetables will be one of the selection in lunch buffet in every Uniresta restaurant from the beginning of January 2015 on.

Uniresta wants to thank all those who answered for their feedback and opinions! The winners of free lunches have been drawn and the winners have been notified personally. Collecting customer feedback and measuring customer satisfaction and developing these will be among Uniresta’s priorities also from now on. We want to be close to the customer!

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