VK 04 Hinnasto

Pasta bake with smoked salmon
Kcal 135 /100g

Frankfurter sauce
Kcal 130 /100g

Vegetable hash with tofu anf fried egg
Kcal 111+142 /100g

Cheese soup
Kcal 42 /100g

Muut erikoisruokavaliot, pyydä henkilökunnalta

Escalope of pork and bearnaice sauce

Creamy potato bake with ham Vegetable dish

Chicken stew
Kcal 104 /100g

Cabbage bake with minced beef([S])
Kcal 83 /100g

Vegetable rissoles and yoghurt sauce([S])
Kcal 215+28 /100g

Goat cheese soup with tomato
Kcal 54 /100g

Muut erikoisruokavaliot, pyydä henkilökunnalta

Cod fillet and cheese sauce

Beef patty and wild mushroomsauce
Vegetable dish

Minced liver patties and onion sauce([S])
Kcal 145+40 /100g

Crispy fish cutlet and remoulade([S])
Kcal 210+308 /100g

Pasta bake with vegetables and soya([S])
Kcal 101 /100g

Rice porridge and fruit kissel
Kcal 82+65 /100g

Muut erikoisruokavaliot, pyydä henkilökunnalta

Chicken fillet and blackcurrant sauce

Pasta bake with chicken
Vegetable dish

Kiev style chicken and sour cream sauce with mango
Kcal 221+40 /100g

Fish soup
Kcal 104 /100g

Vegetable patties and sourcream sauce
Kcal 82+92 /100g

Puréed sweet potato soup
Kcal 34 /100g

Muut erikoisruokavaliot, pyydä henkilökunnalta

Beef stew with sour cream stew

Potato hash with spicy meatballs

Kcal 155 /100g

Chicken and pineapple pizza
Kcal 168 /100g

Vegetable pizza([S])
Kcal 154 /100g

Puréed carrot soup with gincer
Kcal 39 /100g

Muut erikoisruokavaliot, pyydä henkilökunnalta

Pork and red wine sauce


Meat ball sauce

saithe with coconut and curry sauce

Vegetable patties and sour cream sauce


Lunch includes side salad, a portion of bread, margarine or butter, and beverages (1 glass of milk or sour milk, home made beer or water).

(VL) = Low-lactose
(M) = Milk free
(G) = Gluten-free
(L) = Lactose-free
(SO) = Contains soya
(SE) = Contains celery
(PÄ) = Contains nuts
(MU) = Without egg
(SIN) = Contains mustard
(SEE) = Contains sesame seeds
[S] = Fulfils KELA´s criteria for student meal programmes.
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